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Who we are

We are the largest CS organization on campus. We provide students with a collaborative platform to build and strengthen technological skills. We host events with sponsors and peers to grow networks and better serve members of our community.


What is hacking?

You're probably thinking of movies where hackers steal secrets from the FBI. That's not what we're about. To us, hacking means using cutting edge technology to create kick-ass projects.

I missed the callout! Can I still join?

Absolutely! You don’t have to be a Purdue Hackers member to join our events! Follow our social media and Discord for upcoming events!

How do I join Purdue Hacker’s organizing team?

We open applications every Fall semester! Stay tuned on Discord for more information.

What's up with the logo?

It's a glider from Conway's Game of Life. It's a universal symbol for hacking and was chosen because it's the only pattern in the game that can spread life to new areas.

What's Up?

Get instant access to some of the brightest minds and technical bad asses that inhabit the midwest.

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